New Publications on Colour Language by Co-Chair Prof Galina Paramei

Posted on 2021-05-05 - link

We are delighted to announce two recent studies on colour language by our SGLC’s co-chair Prof Galina Paramei.

a) Paramei G. V. & Bimler D. L. (2021). Language and psychology. In A. Steinvall & S. Street (Eds.), A Cultural History of Color, Vol. 6, The Modern Age: From 1920 to present (Ch. 6, pp. 117-134). London: Bloomsbury.

b) Bochkarev V. V., Shevlyakova A. V., Paramei G. V. & Rakhilina E. V. (2021). A quantitative study of Russian colour terms buryj and koričnevyj in the Google Books Ngram corpus. Linguistic Forum 2020: Language and Artificial Intelligence, Moscow 12-14 November 2020. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, vol. 2852


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