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Welcome to the Language of Color study group Member's area of the International Color Association (AIC).

Existing members can log in to the site and access contact details of other members, newsletters, details of meetings, articles, datasets and other resources.

The membership is free and open to everyone. You can join us online by using the registration form or at the AIC meeting where we will be hosting an event.

Your name and personal website (if any) will be open to the public but your contact details will be only available to existing members.

Values and principles

  • The membership is free and open to everyone
  • Members can apply online or at the AIC meetings (Midterm & Congress)
  • Communication network; each member has access to the contact details of all members
  • Members’ commitment to sharing ideas and information
  • Sharing responsibility of developing the topic and adhering to the timeframe
  • Co-operation rather than competition
  • Attendance of SGLC meetings is open to anybody interested in this field

Current Members

First name Last name Country Link
Agnes Urbin HU
Alejandro Ferrero Spain
Alexandros Mylonas GR
Alix Leighton US
Anahi Lopez AR
Andi Studer GB
Annie Mollard-Desfour FR
An-Soo Lee KR
Antonio Mauro IT
Aven Yang
Begum Ulusoy TR
Caecilia E. Anderhub CH
Calvin Giles GB
Camila Silva BR
Caterina Manfrotto IT
Cecilie Broens DK
Chang-Soon Kim KR
Chizuru KOGA TH
Cho-Rong Park KR
Chrysi Fytopoulou GR
Cristina Polli IT
Danny Garside GB
Dimitris Mylonas GB
Diogo Goncalves PT
Dominique Cureau France
Do-Suk Oh KR
Eddie Bell GB
Eleanor Maclure GB
Elena Chagoya AU
Eriko Takezawa Japan
Eun-Mi Yu KR
Eun-Mi Jin KR
Felicitas Piñeiro BR
Fred Hsu TW
Galina Paramei GB
Giang Nguyen Long VN
Giordano Beretta US
Giulia Brun IT
Gloria Menegaz IT
Guido Frison GB
Gyoung-Sil Choi KR
Hae-Won Kim KR
Han-Na Kim KR
Hirohisa Yaguchi JP
Hsin Lin SG
Hye-Jin Kim KR
Hyen-sou Pak KR
Hyen-Sou Pak KR
Hyeon-Jeong Suk KR
Hyo-Joung Kim KR
Hyung-Goo No KR
Ian Wilkinson GB
Ihn-Sook Shin KR
Imara Duarte BR
Ivar Jung Sweden
James Kenney US
Jan Turcotte US
Jang-Seok Kim KR
Jeannette Hanenburg BE
Jeong-Weon Seo KR
Jeong-You Jeong KR
Ji-Hye Kim KR
Jill Wann GB
Jimena Odetti MX
Jin-Kyung Paik KR
Ji-Seon Ryu KR
Jiyoung Oh KR
Ji-Young Park KR
Jodi L. Sandford IT
John Hutchings GB
John Seymour US
Joni Kirk IT
Jordi Rovira
Jung-Inn Hong KR
Justine Fox UK
Justyna Tarajko-Kowalska PL
Keiko Miyazaki JP
Kohji Yoshimura JP
Kye-Ok Shin KR
Kyoko Hidaka JP
Kyoung-Ae Choi KR
Lenice Loh MY
Lido Reali IT
Lindsay Macdonald GB
Lizzie B US
Locia constanza Maillo puente AR
Long-Yi Hong KR
Lucia Ronchi IT
Manuel Melgosa ES
Marcela Rojas AR
Mari Uusküla EE
Maria Pettener IT
Maria Papadopoulou DK
Maria Cristina Manganiello AR
Mark Kotterink NL
Maryam Mohammadzadeh GB
Maryam Gholipour IR
Mi-Ae Choi KR
Michael Pointer GB
Midori Tanaka JP
Mi-Jin Lee KR
Mi-Na Gyeon KR
Mi-Na Gyeon KR
Min-Young Kim KR
Monica Kuo TW
Monica Moro IT
Monica McGregor US
Moon-Hee Cho KR
Mzbel Tzsszmz AR
Nicola Carter GB
Nina Basic Switzerland
Norifumi Kunimoto JP
Oh-Yon Yim KR
Ok Shin KR
Osvado Da Pos IT
Paolo Delforno IT
Paula Csillag BR
Pichayada Katemake TH
Prutha S. Deshpande US
Puangpen Saengphet TH
Robert Hirschler HU
Robert Sève FR
Robyn Lynette Peacock-Smith AU
Saleh Ameri IR
Seo-Yeon Lim KR
Seung-Mok Kim KR
Seung-Yeon Ham KR
Shekhar Sathe IN
Shoji Tominaga Japan
Signe Skriver Hedegaard DK
Silvia Barrios AR
Soo-Young Kim KR
So-Yeon Kim KR
Stig Evans
Su-jeung Kim KR
Susana Geat AR
Teresa Tullio US
Tien-Rein Lee TW
Uravis Tangkijviwat TH
Valerie Bonnardel GB
Verena M. Schindler CH
Victoria Bogushevskaya IT
Vojko Pogacar SI
Walter Gerbino IT
Won-Jung Choi KR
Yang-Sook Kwon KR
Yannis Skarpelos Greece
Yasmina Jraissati Lebanon
Yildiran Ayse TR
Yoo-Na Jung KR
Yoon-Ji Ryu KR
Yoo-Sun Kim KR
Young-shin Kwak KR
Youn-jin Lee KR
Yulia Griber RU
Yung-Kyung Park KR


Members of the Language of Color study group can see each others full contact details. They also get priviledged access to publication and data sets.

It's free, get in touch.

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